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As the manufacturer, we are able to provide our customers with greater quality, savings, and quicker turnaround. Additionally, it allows the flexibility to adjust product offerings and programming that cater to our customer’s specific needs.

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Foam, Vinyl, and Laminated Fabrics all from one source.

Our products have evolved by recognizing how to meet the distinctive needs of the markets we serve. Founded in transportation, we developed a diverse product portfolio in order to be a one-stop-shop and to provide innovative solutions that were not currently available. We have since emerged into new markets offering a diverse suite of textile product categories focusing on coated fabrics, foam, and flame laminated products.

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Market Applications

Transportation and Upholstery

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Our comprehensive product portfolio of textile products enables us to serve in many market applications. Our transportation division supports automotive, trucking, mass transit, marine, aviation, and recreational vehicles. Additionally, we serve a plethora of upholstery applications across the hospitality, commercial, and healthcare industries.

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